Blooming Brains Academy

Codee Tiano

Codee is a dedicated educator with a passion for fostering a nurturing, learning environment, with over two decades of experience educating youth. Her love for children, started through early experiences of babysitting and imaginative play, leading her to pursue a career in education. She embarked on her teaching journey in Arizona, where she served as an elementary teacher for six years.

Upon relocating to Michigan with her husband, Codee joined Detroit Country Day School, where she spent nearly 17 years teaching elementary aged children. Her commitment to her students and her ability to forge meaningful connections really set her apart and became a highlight of her relationship with parents.

With a love for designing and decorating, Codee contemplated a career change for a chance to try something new. However, she quickly realized that her true calling lies within education. At Great Lakes Prep, she has found joy in creating engaging curriculum and designing inviting classrooms, while integrating her passions into teaching.

In her spare time, Codee can be found repurposing furniture, exploring flea markets, tending to her garden, or enjoying the company of her husband and four beloved dogs. With her warm and welcoming demeanor, she strives to create a classroom environment that feels like a home away from home for her students, fostering a sense of comfort and security.

Codee is excited to be a part of the team at Great Lakes Prep, where she is dedicated to collaborating with colleagues to develop a high-quality curriculum that nurtures the growth of each student. Her strong dedication to helping students thrive and her remarkable talent for building connections with young learners truly enrich our school community.