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Ludmila Weisberg

With an unquenchable passion for teaching and an enriching career spanning two decades, Luda Weisberg is a seasoned educator dedicated to cultivating vibrant, captivating classrooms. Prior to Blooming Brains Academy, Ms. Luda enriched her skillset by serving as a lead teacher in a lower elementary classroom for close to 8 years. During this time, she amassed a treasure trove of experience, navigating the joys and challenges of steering young, inquisitive minds.

Hailing from the heart of Russia, Moscow, Ms. Luda ignited her love for teaching early on, earning her teaching degree in her homeland and earning her Montessori certification from the North American Montessori Center. This educational journey deepened her affinity for working with children and kindled her desire to make a profound difference in their lives through knowledge.

When she isn’t in the classroom shaping future leaders, Ms. Luda embraces the joys of being a wife and a mother to two wonderful daughters. She’s a virtuoso of work-life balance, finding time to engage in an array of hobbies, from culinary arts to indulging in a good book as well as retail therapy and globe-trotting adventures.

Ms. Luda brings to Blooming Brains Academy a rich tapestry of experience, an unwavering passion for teaching, and a refreshing array of interests. Her commitment to providing a top-notch education, coupled with her multifaceted skills, makes her an invaluable gem in the Blooming Brains Academy family. With Ms. Luda at the helm, students are guaranteed a nurturing, vibrant, and intellectually stimulating environment.