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STEM Montessori For Infants & Young Toddlers


At Blooming Brains Academy, our Infant & Young Toddlers Program is carefully crafted to cater to the earliest stages of development with a focus on creating a nurturing and stimulating environment. Each day, our littlest learners engage in activities designed to promote sensory exploration and motor skill development, such as tactile play with different textures and gentle movement exercises to encourage physical growth.


The students learn in accordance with our yearly curriculum plan, and topics change every week to two weeks. Students have a daily work cycle in the morning and afternoon, during which they explore materials specifically designed for them. They may touch objects that have different textures, read board books rich with pictures or complete a puzzle. The teachers carefully introduce new materials, some of which complement the curricular theme, and students have several opportunities to work with every item independently or collaboratively with friends. The multi-age classroom allows older students to take leadership roles and younger students to watch and learn. Students have co-curricular classes every week, including Sign Language, Spanish, and Music/Movement. Infants are fed and sleep on demand, while older students follow a general schedule that also adapts to their needs. The result is a classroom characterized by enthusiasm, warmth and calmness.


Cognitive and Emotional Development

Through interaction with caregivers and structured playtime, infants start recognizing patterns and basic cause-and-effect relationships. We prioritize activities that foster emotional connections, helping babies to develop trust and security.

Language and Communication

Even in these early months, we lay the foundation for language development. Our educators engage in constant verbal interaction, singing, and reading to the infants, encouraging their budding communication skills.


Our teachers are experienced and caring professionals who are experts in their field. We searched far and wide to find THE BEST educators to teach our students.

Mrs. Paige

Mrs. Michelle