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STEM Montessori For Pre-Primary Education


In the Pre-Primary stage at Blooming Brains Academy, we deepen our commitment to a holistic education by blending more structured academic learning with the natural curiosity and creativity of young children. This phase introduces them to a broader spectrum of knowledge through carefully designed lessons that stimulate intellectual growth while ensuring ample space for creative expression and exploration. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to engage young minds in critical thinking and problem-solving through interactive storytelling, hands-on science experiments, and mathematical games. Simultaneously, we preserve the joy of learning by integrating art, music, and physical education, fostering a well-rounded development that prepares them for future academic endeavors and personal growth. The multiage classroom allows students ages 3-5 to grow and learn together.


Educational Foundation

Introducing foundational concepts in literacy and numeracy through interactive story sessions and engaging games, we ensure learning is fun and accessible. We emphasize understanding over memorization, encouraging children to ask questions and think critically.

Problem Solving and Independence

Activities are designed to challenge students to find solutions and make decisions, fostering a sense of independence. Puzzles, simple science experiments, and cooperative projects develop critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Physical and Emotional Well-being

Recognizing the importance of physical health and emotional resilience, our curriculum includes physical activities tailored to young children and mindfulness practices that promote self-awareness and emotional regulation.


Our teachers are experienced and caring professionals who are experts in their field. We searched far and wide to find THE BEST educators to teach our students.

Mrs. Babu

Mrs. Marisela

Ms. Dominique