Blooming Brains Academy

Health & Safety

Give Your Child a Safe & Secure Environment!

Health & Wellness


At Blooming Brains Academy, ensuring the safety of our community is paramount. Embedded in our normal operation are practices that improve health and wellness, as well as physical safety. We promote the development of healthy eating habits and help students learn to make good food choices. Keeping kids healthy is a main focus for us and the building is cleaned and sanitized regularly to reduce the spread of illness. We also provide parent education in the areas of health, wellness and parenting by partnering with area medical and socioemotional experts. Every door in our building is locked at all times and only accessible by parents using an app at designated times. We also have a full time armed security guard who ensures that the building is protected. Inspired by our core belief of treating others with respect and kindness, we prioritize a secure environment for every child, staff member, and family.

Respecting Parental Wishes

We deeply value parental involvement and preferences in the care and education of their children. Our policies are flexible to accommodate the diverse needs and wishes of our families, ensuring a partnership based on trust and mutual respect. We recognize that our students come from diverse backgrounds and hold a variety of beliefs. In our school, we focus on what we have in common and how to work with others in partnerships characterized by respect.

Equality and Inclusivity

Equality is not something we teach independently-it is how we do everything we do and is at the heart of our academy. We treat every member of our community with equal care and consideration, creating an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and fosters belonging.

Vigilance and Communication

Our vigilant responsibility ethic empowers our community to maintain a safe and nurturing environment. Through proactive communication and the "See Something, Say Something" ethos, we ensure that everyone's well-being is actively protected.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement in our health and safety practices. By adapting to the evolving needs of our community and integrating the latest safety protocols, we provide a secure and enriching learning atmosphere for all.

Through these measures, Blooming Brains Academy upholds a holistic approach to education, where health, safety, and well-being are seamlessly integrated into our daily operations, reflecting our dedication to excellence and care for every child.