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STEM Montessori For Toddlers


As children transition into the toddler stage, the educational experience at Blooming Brains Academy is designed to adapt and flourish alongside their growing curiosity and need for autonomy. This period is marked by a significant leap in cognitive, emotional, and physical development, requiring an environment that encourages exploration and personal growth. Our program introduces a variety of activities aimed at stimulating their inquisitive minds, from hands-on experiences that enhance fine motor skills to interactive play that fosters social connections and self-expression. Emphasizing choice and self-directed learning, we provide the tools and guidance for toddlers to explore their interests, develop problem-solving skills, and build a strong sense of self-confidence. This approach ensures a balanced and enriching educational journey, tailored to the unique developmental milestones of the toddler years.


Language and Social Skills

We introduce more structured group activities to enhance language acquisition and social skills. Storytime, songs, and interactive games encourage toddlers to use their words and begin forming friendships, laying the groundwork for effective communication and collaboration.

Creative Expression

Through art, music, and imaginative play, toddlers express their creativity and begin to understand the world around them in more complex ways.

Motor Skills and Coordination

Activities like stacking blocks, simple puzzles, and safe climbing structures support fine and gross motor development, crucial for this age group's physical confidence.

Cognitive Development

Students have access to a variety of materials and are given the freedom to make choices, allowing them to develop skills at their own pace. Much of the work involves problem solving, giving students the opportunity to try different strategies. Students also learn through hands-on activities, dramatic play and by performing basic tasks in the practical life area. Students are continually challenged and encouraged to build interest as they do their work. The multiage aspect of the classroom allows students to learn from their peers and appreciate the continuum of growth that they are all on.


Our teachers are experienced and caring professionals who are experts in their field. We searched far and wide to find THE BEST educators to teach our students.

Mrs Gomez

Mrs. Foudeh

Mrs. Marisela