Blooming Brains Academy

Mrs. Foudeh

Fikrat has years of experience in early childhood education, both in primary and Montessori schools. She has always had a strong desire to teach young children because she adores them. Shortly after she graduated with her associate’s degree in English literature and obtained her teaching certificate, she began working with preschoolers and first graders at schools in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania where she taught for 3 years.

Her love of children grew so big, that she decided to have her own and spent many years at home raising her four children. Once they all moved on to college she decided it was time to leap back into teaching. Fikrat and her family came to Michigan nearly 8 years ago and shortly thereafter she began teaching at a Montessori school where she quickly fell in love with the Montessori method of teaching. She enjoys the very hands-on approach through toys and play, and that not every child is focused on learning the same thing but that the way of teaching is flexible for all children to learn at their own pace.

Fikrat is excited to help shape the young minds of her students, and build their foundation for their higher education. She has dedicated a great deal of time to her classroom but when she isn’t there you can find her planting things in her garden or enjoying some arts and crafts.