Blooming Brains Academy

Mrs. Marisela

Ms. Marisela Verdín Esquivel was born in Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas, México where she lived in a rural area without electricity raising crops like corn, beans, sorghum and pumpkins with her six siblings and parents. Ms. Marisela’s calm, kind, and humble temperament stems from her childhood as she describes as modest where she always made the most of not very much.

Studious and precocious, Ms. Marisela sought out the chance to further her education by attending Academia Comercial Pitman in Nuevo Progreso Tamaulipas where she earned her degree in Accounting. In order to pay for tuition, the Academy hired her to work in the administration building supporting essential day-to-day needs and school organization. Without this role, Ms. Marisela would not have otherwise been able to complete her degree.

After she finished her degree, Ms. Marisela moved with her family to Flint where she raised her three children with her husband, who sadly passed away. Ms. Marisela remarried, raised two more children and lives nearby Blooming Brains in Bloomfield Hills where she always finds time to spend time with her seven grandchildren.

Ms. Marisela has enjoyed working with young children for the entirety of her adult life, saying their pure joy and boundless curiosity brings her great enjoyment as she loves to guide them to and beyond milestones.