Blooming Brains Academy

Mrs. Paige

Paige’s passion for working with children started at a young age, growing up with a big family full of many younger cousins that she babysat quite often and quickly fell in love with caring for children. She always knew that her career would lead her to work with children in some capacity but the field of education called her name and she realized that she wanted to help children grow and reach their full potential.

She started her career in 2013 when she began nannying for two elementary and middle school-aged children for a couple of years before she started working for an early childhood education care center in 2015. Her passion for working in early childhood education grew immensely during that time period, so she began working towards furthering her education at Oakland Community College to receive her associate’s degree in early childhood education and later graduated from Rochester College with her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

Paige is excited to lead infants and young toddlers and start building students’ practical life skills in her classroom. Blooming Brains Academy has an ambitious, data-driven approach that aligns nicely with Paige’s expectations for her students. She works tirelessly each day with children developing practical life skills, working on language and communication, and teaching them respect and etiquette.

When Paige isn’t in the classroom, you can just about always find her outdoors whether it be swimming, biking, or camping, she loves to be outside. You may also find her traveling or enjoying time with her husband and family.