Blooming Brains Academy

Mrs. Babu

Mrs. Babu brings 17 years of experience teaching students from infants to 6-years-old at several Montessori schools in Metro Detroit. Mrs. Babu enjoys all aspects of the Montessori approach such as the routine it offers children, and teaching children to make good choices and to have respect. Some of her goals for her classroom include working together as a family in the classroom, doing things like walking into the classroom together hand-in-hand, and singing together. Mrs. Babu is excited to be a part of the Blooming Brains team and to teach children under the Montessori learning approach.

Before entering education, she earned her Masters’ degree in Computer Science and worked in database management, just like her husband, who currently works for the Little Caesar’s HQ downtown. Her love for working with children in a school setting was inspired by raising her two boys. Mrs. Babu supported them throughout their schooling by overseeing their involvement in both the Academic Games team and the Robotics team. Mrs. Babu’s youngest son is in high school and oldest is a third-year at the University of Michigan.

When Mrs. Babu is not working with children, she enjoys art projects all year round. More specifically, she spends hours at a time designing floral garland arrangements for her friends and family.